Guy D. Newman Honors Academy

About the Honors Academy

The Guy D. Newman Honors Academy: The Program for Civic Leadership and Public Policy, Howard Payne University’s multidisciplinary honors program, is a distinctive honors program, unique among its peers. It is specially and specifically designed for academically gifted students who aspire to effective Christian leadership in a variety of careers, preparing them for lives of service and citizenship.

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Academy Student Perspective: Sydney Ben


The Honors Academy has a proven track record of preparing students for success. Since its founding in 1962, more than 400 students have graduated from the honors program and have distinguished themselves in their chosen professions. Today, Honors Academy graduates serve in a variety of fields including law, politics, business, ministry, government, medicine, education, economics, psychology, social work, and many others.

Membership Requirements

Students of all academic interests are invited to explore the Honors Academy curriculum and its degree and program requirements. Admission to the program is competitive and capped at a maximum of 25 students in each incoming class. Complete your application by Feb. 1 for priority notification by Feb. 15.

New and transfer students accepted to the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy are eligible for scholarships, in addition to other scholarships, grants and loans available through the university’s Office of Financial Aid.

Academy Alumni–we’d love to hear from you! Please click here to visit the Academy Alumni update page (or the Hatton W. Sumners Scholar Alumni Update page). Fill out the web form with your current information, including your preferences about how we can best continue to serve you – and in what ways (receiving news releases on programs of interest, assisting with recruiting and/or networking, offering internship/career advice) you are able to continue your service to the Academy through its current students, the next generation of your fellow Academy Alumni.

Through a broad-based liberal arts education that emphasizes Judeo-Christian values, Western Civilization, free enterprise, and civic engagement, the Honors Academy explores the nature and meaning of both citizenship and leadership from a variety of perspectives–including and in light of our Christian faith and the greatest traditions of the American system.

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